Wine Reviews

Pemberley Chardonnay 2018 ($30) – I visited the region recently and now appreciate well that the travel distance from Margaret River across to Pemberton means a complete change of climate to colder temperatures and crisper mineral tasting whites. The chardonnays are wonderful in the region. Particularly Pemberley 2018 is a sophisticated complex flavoured wine with white peach aroma and reductive complexity.

Elderton Shiraz 2017, Barossa Valley ($25); A big juicy deep coloured Barossa style and at the moment a little jangling in its components but a wonderful proposition for cellaring for 2 years. Quite noticeable oak but well matched with intensity and length.

Alkoomi Frankland River Shiraz Viognier 2017 ($25) – another experience for me on a recent trip to this southern WA region – so much colder than Margaret River. This wine has such wonderful perfume, the Viognier dimension not detectable itself but the co-ferment with Shiraz caused a lifted ester exotic aroma followed by a juicy taste.